Bending Reality to Your Will

The Bender of Reality, image © Man of Wisdom

The world tells you things about you and it implies that that is your reality. The world wants to cage you in the things it says. It will also tell you that you can’t break free from this reality.

How? The world will tell you: “You’re poor.”, “You’re stupid”, “You’re ugly”, “You’re talentless”. And its favorite: “You can’t do it”.

The world will say these things repeatedly till they are tattooed in your mind. Till they’re your inner voice. Till you begin to believe in them. The words of the world will eventually become your reality. Especially if you do not bend and break free from them. You’ll make those words real, like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Most people’s reality is enforced by the world. They accept it and surrender to it. They they begin to tell others that indeed it’s the reality. This continues

How to Bend Reality to Your Will?

It’s hard to break free from this reality. Especially when everyone around you believes it. Even more so when you too believe it. But it’s not impossible. Bending reality requires a few things from you.

You Need a Dream

You had a dream, didn’t you? Even when the reality is a harsh cage, the dream remains a free bird. Unbound. Most dreams come in sleep, when you can’t even argue that this is absurd or impossible. Dreams can’t be argued against. They are free from arguments. You need this dream, even if it feels absurd. So the first thing needed is just the dare to have a dream, despite the harshness of your reality. So, dream. IF you already have a dream, great, cherish and never forget it.

A Hope and a Belief to Make a Goal Out of the Dream

A hope can make you believe things that the mind says are not possible. Like the dream you dreamt. You can believe that this can be a new reality one day. If you don’t believe in it, it’ll only be a dream soon to be forgotten. Or it may remain a mere wish, never to be attempted. But it will never become real. It will never become a goal.

You need a belief against your reality. “This can be real. I can make it real. Regardless of what the world says or how the circumstances are.”

You Need a Plan

A dream is not a real thing. It’s just a concoction of your mind. But a plan is concrete. You can put it on a piece of paper or in drawing and hold it in your hand. You can scratch it and revise it. You must have a plan. A plan lays down the path from the belief in your heart to destination of your dream.

Plan Big, Act Small – Action is the Ultimate Self Love

Action is the fuel that actually moves you on the path that your plan laid out. It’s the hammer and the chisel that will help you break out of the cage that has kept you a prisoner.

Most people never act. A simple way to get started is to make the actions small. When starting, make the action so small that there is little difference between acting and not acting. So you feel no resistance but still make some progress, however tiny.

Taking action is the act of love for yourself and your dream. (See how to develop love for self) The more you love your dream, the more you want to bend reality, the more you must act.

Remember, action is non-negotiable. You must act even when you don’t want to. Some call this self-discipline. I call it self-love.

Most people give up here. The more you procrastinate, the more the cage of reality becomes stronger. You must act to break free.

Only Consistency Takes You Further

The action can not come just one time or a few times. It must come consistently: daily, thrice a week, weekly, monthly and so on. Consistency keeps the hope, the dream alive. Avoid having zero days, where you took no action. If you have a zero day, next day try to do more than usual. This will ensure you keep making progress.

You Must Not Quit

The final act of courage is in not quitting. Despite circumstances, despite the world or even your voice screaming you can’t do it. Despite the failures, the losses, the rejections, the disappointments, the heartbreaks, the strong urge to quit – you must not quit.

Take rest, take a break, cry, let out emotions, show up again tomorrow.

Not quitting is the last test. Those who act and act consistently, still often fail here. They quit. They give on their dream, they forget it. They break half of the cage and still never take their head out to bask in the glory of their dream. They were so close. It’s a tragedy.

You’ve already worked so hard. Came so far. You must not quit. You must see this through.

Victory is Inevitable

Though not guaranteed, victory is still inevitable. Even if you do not get what you were chasing, even if the dream is not realized exactly as you wanted it, you’re still victorious. You’ve transformed. So has your thinking. Your reality is no longer what the world tells but what you want it to be.

You’ve just proved that you’re not susceptible to their voice. You make your own reality. Even if it’ near impossible, impractical or absurd. The words of the world are merely suggestions and you can simply ignore them.

The Bender of Realities

The more you do it, the more you will stop believing what people say. The more world’s opinions will sound like noise to you. The less you will care.

The opinions that used to become a concrete cage earlier, will now merely be a soap bubble. Merely there to amuse you. Blown away anytime you want.

The world won’t dictate your reality. You will dictate the reality of the world, to a large extent. Great progress is done by those who bend the reality to their will.

Don’t let the world make your reality, bend the reality to your will instead. Pursue greatness.

Till the next time, keep trailing on your Untrailed Path.

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