Introducing Wisdom Bites® and Man of Wisdom’s YouTube Channel

Dated 1st of April, 2019

We live in a time where a world of instant indulgence is only a click away. So now it’s easier than ever to procrastinate on important work and indulge in frivolous pursuits.

This is why so many of us are involved in things that do not help us in any way but instead destroy our time, energy, peace of mind and add to our ever increasing anxiety and stress when we reach close to our deadlines.

And if you somehow master yourself and get down to work then still you’re likely to be invaded by distractions.

There seems to be a magnitude of ploys manufactured with the sole aim of grabbing every bit of our attention. Tailored feeds of infinite scrolling, ceaseless buzzing of notifications, tagging into random posts, three dozen tabs, 2 dozen applications and constant context switching.

Focused, monomaniac work seems to have become obsolete. It’s difficult to recall a time where most of our time was spent on focused, deep work with full attention and passion without any interruption.

This is why we at Man of Wisdom have come up with a perfect way to counter this, with what we’re calling Wisdom Bites.

What are Wisdom Bites?
Wisdom Bites are perfect recipe of avoiding distractions. Anytime, you feel like like indulging into something you shouldn’t be doing, you pick a wisdom bite (some people call them clothespins) and get a bite from it. Thus distracting you from the distraction and getting you to attend what needs your attention.

We call them Wisdom Bites and not "clothespins".We call them Wisdom Bites and not “clothespins”.

The name was inspired from the old adage, “Truth hurts”, then I concluded, that wisdom, then, must bite. And clothespins were the closest object I found that bites and hurts but doesn’t injure. Thus clothespins became Wisdom Bites.

But the obvious question you may ask is, “What if I don’t get a bite from the Wisdom Bite and get to my distraction just like before”. That’s bad manners and condemnable in harshest terms. You must get a bite and get to work, that’s what they were designed for.

We even made a video example of it. Which gets me to…

Introducing Man of Wisdom’s YouTube Channel
1st of April is a day when great journeys begin. A journey to wisdom must begin on the Fool’s Day. So we’ve started our YouTube channel too.

We’d really appreciate if you subscribe to our channel here: Man of Wisdom on YouTube.

We’d be beginning with our first podcasts series in April. And we’d be exploring more on story telling on YouTube. But we’d try to keep it in such a way that either they’re short or the longer ones have no or minimal text/video so you can listen to them while doing some other work.

And of course our first video is about Wisdom Bites:

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